6 Reasons WFH (full time)
isn't all it's cracked up to be

There weren’t many upsides to Covid. But certainly one upside was that we all underwent a sort of global epiphany that we can, in fact, work from home. 

We’re just as productive. If not more. And of course we save a bucket load of time by not sweating on some long commute.   But now we’ve settled into working from home, is it really all it’s cracked up to be?  

 How do you feel when you get up on Monday morning and you’re staring down the barrel of 5 full days of being sat on your lonesome at home?  

WFH can be great. But perhaps WFHFT* (working from home full time) is not so great.   *Did I just come up with a new acronym?? I think maybe!   Here are six familiar foes of working from home full time (or ‘WFHFT’). 

It’s 5pm and you haven’t had any fresh air. 

Your day starts with a flush of energy. You get up, brush your teeth, shower, have breaky, make coffee and get to work. But suddenly the day evaporates. And you realise you’ve just been sat inside, tapping at your computer all day.

Sometimes it’s hard to switch into ‘work mode’.

It’s easy to try and do two things at once at home. And by two things at once I mean: Working / fishing round the fridge for snacks Working / Catching up on The Great British Bake Off. 


You’re driving your partner bonkers (and visa) 

There’s a certain type of thrill when you get home to see your partner and they’re actually happy to see you. Sadly with WFHFT that thrill is hard to come by.

It’s a little less, ‘heyyyy, how was your day?’. 

And a little more, ‘oh, you again.’

Kids don’t make the best colleagues

You love them. But perhaps they don’t make the best colleagues. Enough said on that one.

Your home wifi sometimes lets you down

Living with great Wifi is like living in a democracy. You only realise how good you had it once the system breaks down. It’s easily taken for granted. But when it breaks, it’s a disaster.

A final word…

I’m all for WFH. But I do wonder whether WFHFT is the best setup. Certainly not if you are lucky enough to have a friendly coworking space in the local area (wink wink). 

Perhaps it’s time to treat yourself to a day or two out of the house.