Groundworks Member Spotlight: Anthony Crawford

What do you do for work?


I am an analyst and data scientist – essentially, I use data to understand consumer behaviour and how to positively influence that by creating more personalised experiences. That is in addition to my core role of creating poor-quality photoshopped photos of my co-workers, overusing GIFs in meetings and generally finding ways to amuse myself during the day.

That’s interesting, how did you get into that?


Well, I’m quite a visual person, and timing is everything, so if you spend too long trying to make something perfect, often the moment is gone hence by not focusing on quality but rather speed and concept, I can deliver well-timed, Photoshopped images that entertain (me) even if they are not perfect.

 No, I meant, how do you get into analytics and data science?


Oh, I have degrees in marketing and statistics, and after starting out analysing market research data, I moved jobs and started analysing Tesco Clubcard data and the shopping behaviours of 18 million Clubcard holders, and things kind of escalated from there. In my latest role I was helping to engage, recognise and grow 3 million Avon Representatives using the magic of data.

What do you love about what you do?


I love problem-solving and finding creative solutions, and as data becomes more prolific, there are a seemingly endless number of interesting challenges it can be used to solve.

How long have you been a member of Groundworks?


I joined in July 2022, having worked remotely for 3 years, I needed to get out of the house more and have contact with real live people.

What membership do you have at Groundworks?


Community Membership, I love the open space and the natural light. I like the variety of not sitting in the same seat every day, getting to meet new people and just the friendly, relaxed vibe that is conducive to getting work done.

Let’s finish with the quickfire round…

  • Would you rather have a tiny elephant as a pet or a giant penguin?
    • tiny elephant
  • Would you rather always have to speak in rhyme or have to sing everything you say?
    • rhyme
  • What do you have an irrational fear of?
    • Cherry flavoured yoghurt
  • Texting or calling?
    • Texting
  • Trainers or shoes?
    • jandals
  • Sweet or Savoury
    • Savoury
  • Tiktok or Instagram?
    • Tiktok
  • Dancing or karaoke?
    • No thank you
  • Summer or winter?
    • summer
  • Hugs or high fives?
    • Fist bump
  • Batman or Superman?
    • Spiderman
  • Wine or beer?
    • beer
  • Beach or mountains?
    • beach
  • Dogs or cats?
    • Cats

There you have it folks! So good to get to know Anthony a bit more! If a Community Membership seems right up your alley, do get in contact with us here at Groundworks on: